Conference Call Interview Etiquette


Requested for an interview to be conducted over video conference call? Gentessential has four suggestions for you to take on board before dialling in.


1. Dress for the occasion – treat this like you would if you were interviewing in person. Dress smartly and fully, it will also help you get in the right frame of mind.


2. Make the sure the background setting is clean, tidy and not distracting – whilst that selection of photos from drunken nights out may bring back great memories, it doesn’t exactly scream professional, organised and diligent to the interviewers.


3. Have notes prepared, but out of sight – there is no harm in having the whole organisation’s back story written out in front of you, just don’t let them see it.


4. Engage and enjoy it – building a rapport with the interviewers is hard enough, but more so over a video call. Make light of the situation, joke that you’ve hidden the teddy bears normally laid out in your living room. Building a personal approach is as important as the answers themselves.