Finger Nail Etiquette

 Gentessential’s Guide to Finger Nail Etiquette 


If your finger nails have become grubby as a result of an outdoor adventure or activity you would do well to make sure they are tended to afterwards.


If available, try and clean your finger nails with the end of a nail file, its exact purpose is to carry out this activity. Often just washing your hands doesn’t complete the job adequately enough.


Unless you use your nails to climb trees, like a koala bear, always keep your finger and toe nails trimmed. Not only will they stay clean for longer as there is less nail for the dirt to get under, but it is also a sure sign that one takes pride in their appearance.


Finally, never, under any circumstance, cut your nails in public. Similar to shaving, it is to be done in the privacy of your own bathroom.