Receiving An Unwanted Gift Etiquette


Gentessential’s 3-Step Guide to Receiving Unwanted Gift Etiquette 


Should you find yourself on the receiving end of a present that would make even the three wise men shudder in their gold, incense and myrrh giving desert boots then Gentessential has three fail safe ways to deflect the situation.


1. Accept graciously with a sincere “why thank you Ethel, you really shouldn’t have. I look forward to wearing this mint green bow tie when the occasion warrants it” give her a kiss on the cheek and then move the conversation on to less upsetting matters.


2. Should you sense the rest of the room have become uneasy with the contents of said gift, then try not to dwell on the offering, return it to the packaging, out of sight, quietly offer your thanks and focus the attention elsewhere in the room.


3. If the giver has tried to play a joke making you open a gift at the expense of you then one should take the humour in their stride. Open it, acknowledge the humorous attempt with a “sorry Bertie, it looks like you’ve given me one of your own presents by mistake” offering to give it back, putting it to one side.