Snowball Fight Etiquette


Gentessential’s 8 Step Snowball Fight Etiquette


1. No stones in the snow – this isn’t a prison yard, keep the ‘fight’ clean out there.


2. No yellow snow – you wouldn’t throw a bag of urine over someone, the same goes for yellow snow.


3. Keep to your side of the battleground or risk being ambushed by the opposing team for getting too close.


4. Pre made snow balls are allowed – after all, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


5. If you find yourself in the cross fire and not partaking in said snowball fight it is completely acceptable to throw a snowball back.


6. You get added kudos for knocking anyone’s hat off their head.


7. Wearing marigolds under your gloves is a neat trick to keep those fingers nimble in the height of snow throwing battle.


8. Once all players are soaked, cold and / or all suitable snow has been utilised the game is over and you go about the rest of your day, albeit with rosy cheeks.