Thank You Note Etiquette

The art of a hand written thank you note in the digital age will demonstrate true appreciation and manners.


Do not assume that just because you have said thank you in person that is sufficient. A handwritten thank you note is the appropriate way of showing your gratitude. A thank you letter should also be written promptly and if it is a Christmas present at the latest by the Twelfth Night (5th January).


Written on note card or writing paper rather than on a sketch pad or using the computer with comical fonts, the note should refer specifically to the gift you have received making a positive comment about it, for example:


Dear Constance,

Thank you ever so much for the hot water bottle, I look forward to using it during the winter nights for it has been a long time since I was hot and bothered under the bed sheets.

I trust you are in good health and look forward to meeting again soon.