Umbrella Etiquette


Gentessential’s 7-Step Guide to Umbrella Etiquette


1. Before erecting one’s umbrella make sure that you aren’t likely to take anyone’s eye out with the tips.

2. If using a large umbrella, share with a partner or friend. If it is your partner ensure they are fully shielded, even if you’re not.

3. When passing a fellow umbrella-wielding individual the taller person should always raise their umbrella to make space. The shorter person should maintain their position.

4. Before entering a building give the brolly a good shake to remove the excess raindrops, being careful not to spray passers by or prevent those behind you from entering the building themselves, equally desperate to avoid the rain.

5. Never place your wet umbrella on a seat. Seats are to be sat on. Placing a wet brolly on a seat will mean that the next person to take residence is likely to get a soggy bottom…and nobody wants a soggy bottom.

6. If you have left your umbrella in the umbrella stand then make sure you take yours, not the umbrella that looks far more professional and expensive. Depart as you entered.

7. Keep the golf umbrellas for the fairway, a crowded pavement is no place for an oversized golf umbrella. Besides, you know what they say about gentleman with big brollies.