I moustache you a question, but I’m shaving it for later…

For most, shaving is one of life’s regular morning rituals. All over the world gentlemen are rising from their night time slumbers to partake in the task of removing recently grown facial hair from their faces. The art of filling the sink full of water, applying shaving foam and gradually shaving the stubbly follicles from ones face seems simple enough, yet so many of us get it disastrously wrong.

To set the record straight Gentessential teamed up with Gillette and their new Flexball technology razor to understand the art of shaving.

A spot of background information:

  • Shaving dates back to 30,000BC, with hair removal likely being more about function than aesthetics.
  • The Pharaohs popularised shaving for cosmetic reasons, whilst affluent skilled servants in barbershops shaved Romans.
  • The barbershop, symbolised by the red and white-stripped pole outside, was a result of shaving injuries being commonplace and blood and bandages being used to cover the cuts.

Gentessential’s Ten Shaving Steps to Success:

  1. Preparation: A sink, a mirror, warm water, shaving gel, razor and one stubbly gentleman.
  2. Open ones Pores:warm water will support this act superbly. It also softens stubble and removes dirt and dead skin. Fill your sink with warm water, splash ones face and ensure a mirror sits before you.
  3. Apply lubricant:Gillette Fusion’s ProGlide Gel will help soften the hair and skin making the razor easily slide over for the least amount of damage. Application is best done using ones hands to ensure full coverage. One must refrain from full-face coverage, as this could become a slight hindrance (despite resulting in a rather comical look!).
  4. The Razor:Gillette Fusion ProGlide with new FlexBall Technology responds to facial contours for maximum contact. Specifically designed to respond to the contours of a man’s face, the result is a shaving experience that is kinder and gentler.
  5. The Blade: With Fusion ProGlide’s blade edges being thinner than a surgeon’s scalpel, maximum hair removal is achieved. One must ensure that the blade is sharp and that shaving is undertaken in the direction of the hair growth. This tends to be down the face to the jaw line and up to the jaw line from the neck. For those with hair growing in all directions, do what feels most comfortable. Note: blades should be replaced when you feel they are no longer gently cutting the hair, there isn’t a set number of shaves before blade replacement.
  6. Mid Shave:Gentessential recommend a quick washout of the razor blades in ones sink to remove recently cut hair from the Fusion ProGlide blades before continuing the process.
  7. Repeat: A quick review of the shaving canvass will enable any missed spots to be readdressed. Passing ones razor over these spots will ensure maximum shaving efficiency and eradicate any rogue hairs that remain in situ.
  8. Finishing Touches:Once happy with the face that reflects before you, it’s time to wash off the remaining ProGlide Gel with cold water. Cold water will both remove any hair particles, shaving gel and also close up your recently open pores, preventing dirt getting in.
  9. Moisturise:Dab the water droplets away with a towel and apply some moisturiser to your revitalised facial regions.
  10. Smile and commend yourself on a sterling start to the day.