A big part of being a gentleman is dressing like one. Knowing how to dress down your suiting, dress up your casualwear and pair certain items of clothing with others to produce a stylish look. It is somewhat counter productive to dress like a slovenly beast whilst trying to portray an outward veneer of respectability and politeness.

Fashion is a mainstay of every gentleman’s life and should not be underestimated. With this in mind, Gentessential keep track of the fashion sphere and its ever-changing trends to ensure that whatever the occasion the correct attire is worn and worn well.

Recently Gentessential attended British menswear brand Hackett’s Autumn Winter ’15 press day to see what trends and clothing were being pitched for the next season. We are happy to report there were some titillating treats on show.

Hackett is a brand that epitomises all that is British. Sartorial style and sophistication embody the brands collections and Hackett’s Autumn Winter ’15 collection was no different.

Like many brands, there are always different labels within the collection. Hackett’s Mayfair collection is one such label. Split into ‘Boardroom’ and ‘Balmoral’ the Mayfair label is an inspired and modern reflection of the successful man and his sartorial requirements.

For those who undertake daily business life, the ‘Boardroom’ label is the perfect starting point for wanting to look and feel good throughout the working week. With their high quality canvassed jackets in classic and slim fitting styles made from English wool, the choice is compelling. Check suits add a playful spin to the everyday commute; whilst double-breasted navy suit jackets and herringbone overcoats ensure the collection is both stylish and practical for everyday wear.

More casual and weekend style offerings are available in Hackett’s ‘Balmoral’ line. Micro print shirts, deconstructed jackets, cashmere cardigans and heavy knit jumpers provide a more relaxed and comfortable look for those wishing to take their fashion to the next level of sophistication even when outside the work environment.

The undoubted highlight of the collection however is Hackett’s Mayfair flannel double-breasted jacket in dark green. Perfect for smartening up a casual look it can be worn with a variety of items making it a versatile and cost effective piece.

Hackett are a brand that continues to provide clothing for every aspiring young gent. They have a knack of knowing what works well for each situation, be it a day at the races, a weekend in the country or a 9 to 5 working week. Their styles are in keeping with current trends and their fit allows for any shape and size to look and feel good. Based on their latest collection Autumn Winter cannot come soon enough.


Gentessential’s go to guide:

Herringbone – a ‘v-shaped’ weaving pattern seen in the fabric

Classic fit – a comfortable fit, not too slim fitting

Micro Print – small print / design on the garment

Deconstructed jackets – a jacket with little or no lining / padding

Cashmere – a fine soft wool

Flannel – a soft woollen cloth


Gentessential Highlight – Mayfair flannel double-breasted jacket in dark green

DB herringbone overcoat & Mayfair double breasted red and grey check suit

Hackett Mayfair red and grey check suit trousers

Hackett Mayfair double breasted suit jacket in navy

Hackett Mayfair double breasted suit in red and grey check

Double breasted overcoat

DB herringbone overcoat & Mayfair double breasted check suit